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Tim Coronel’s electric buggy takes off

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Panamericana in the Atacama Desert southern Pe...

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Rally driver Tim Coronel has introduced the new electrical buggy for the 2012 editon of the Dakar. It has as basis the McRae 4*2 buggy but fitted with an electrical drivetrain. The technical installation is taken care of by All Green Vehicles in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. With Prodakar Tim Coronel won the solo class of the most demanding rally in the world. Now the prototype is ready to be used, it will be subject to a severe test in various weather types, roads in different states of degredation.This year, the extremely hot and dry Atacama desert can be the deciding factor in the endurance race through South America. So a test programme will take the team to the Netherlands, Spain, France and Morocco. The experiences gained during the tests will lead to the final design of the EV rally car.


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Full-electric Dakar Participant

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Tim Coronel onthulde op Syntens elektrische mo...

The Dakar is a heavy rally and requires a lot. Tim Coronel, in his quest to improve, was first looking into making the buggy lighter – as many did. Until he met up with Aalbers Industries, who gave him into consideration to go full-electric. Knowledge to create this kind of rally car is obtained by Novolectric and All Green Vehicles. Also TU professor Wubbo Ockels is participating in this initiative. Doing so, they are looking into equipping the service trucks with solar panels.

In 2012 Tim is racing with Pro Dakar again. The Dakar organisation ASO is looking into the electric project with interest as this can be an incentive to make the rally greener. Tim Coronel at least is adding a new dimension to the event, and to the sport.

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Dakar, Day 1: Just the Road

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The Prologue of the 2011 Dakar, Tim Coronel in his buggy

The Prologue of the 2011 Dakar, Tim Coronel in his buggy

Dakar 2011 is to start today in Buenos Aires, passing the obelisk at Avenue – 9 July. A total of 377 linking kilometres will bring the racers to Victoria. This stage is not timed and no points are to earn for this day. The crews can enjoy the encouragement of the crowd cheering at the road sides. According to the organisation, the Dakar is important for the for the image of Argentina as the world can have a better access to the culture, traditions and population of the country. Last year, about 4 million people were watching the event. However, safety is a concern for the organisation as the people apparently want to watch the Dakar rally too closely.

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