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1-16 January: Dakar Argentine – Chile

26 January – 2 February: Historical Rally Monte Carlo

6-9 February: 57e Neige & Glace

10-13 February: Swedish Rally (WRC)

19 February: Circuitshortrally CPZ

3-6 March: Rally of Mexico (WRC)

19 March: Tank S sprint

24-27 March: Portugal Rally (WRC)

13-16 April: Jordan Rally (WRC)

18-19 April 2011: S-Tank Rally Emmeloord

5-8 May: Italy Rally (WRC)

26-29 May: Argentina Rally (WRC)

27-28 May: Paradigit ELE Rally

16-19 June: Greece Rally (WRC)

18 June: Autosoft Vechtdal Rally

8-9 July: Exotic Green Rally 2011

9 July: M-Sport Cars Rallysprint

28-30 July: Finland Rally (WRC)

18-21 August: Germany Rally (WRC)

4 September: Amsterdam Sprint

8-11 September: Australia Rally (WRC)

16-17 September: Hellendoorn Rally

29 September – 2 October: France Rally (WRC)

7-8 October: Veenhuizen Group Nederland Rally

20-23 October: Spain Rally (WRC)

5-6 November: Conrad Euregio Rally

10-13 November: Great-Britain Rally (WRC) 

If you want to have your rally added, please send me the details in an e-mail! At least, mention the date(s), name and website address. Any additional information is welcome.



Written by joostboers

30/11/2010 at 11:25 pm

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