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Feeling healthy.net creates this rally blog. Joost is a rally fan since he was as a journalist involved in the Cinquecento Trofeo challenge (yes, that’s a long while ago!). Since, he appreciates the endurance of the drivers and navigators and likes to extend their performances. Because we can.

Feeling-healthy.net is an organisation of independent entrepreneurs. Together they are expanding internationally taking advantage of the rising trends in the wellness industry. The increasing focus on a healthy lifestyle offers significant opportunities. This “healthy living” – has a market size of around EUR570 billion. Analysts predict that this market is growing 7-8% annually on average, twice as fast compared with the global economy.

We market the use of safe (NOC/NSF whitelisted) sports nutrition of Wellness International Network (WIN) which is used by Olympic and top athletes to bring their performances further. They also use the business model to finance their training, travel expenses, and income after their sports career by offering their partners the opportunities to have a better balance, physically, mentally and financially. This is more valuable than a logo on the side of the rally car!

The concept of Feeling-healthy.net responds to this exceptional growth and is the foundation of having a different look at sponsoring of your sport. With a simple business concept, the business is immune to the sensitivities to “traditional” problems of “traditional” businesses, such as government action, competition, issues with staff and chasing debtors. The business model has proved successful for over 17 years and offers an infrastructure that provides you unlimited potential to do business offering top quality products, training and team-support centers.

The sky is the limit due to the following:

– High-quality products
– National and international expansion
– Ongoing training and coaching
– High returns with low risk
– No stock, bad debts and overheads
– No staff

How is Feeling-healthy.net operating?
The group of entrepreneurs in Feeling-Healthy.net work with Wellness International Network (WIN), which is multinational market-oriented, as opposed to product-oriented. The company researches the trends and demands in the market and meets this demand with the best products available. In this way WIN always acts flexibly and so stays ahead of the market. WIN supports Feeling-Healthy.net and its network of entrepeneurs by providing the innovative products, logistics and other handling.

Entrepreneurs are the marketeers of the business concept. By working with this proven formula organising marketing activities the entrepreneurs are creating a consumer base which, in the next 10 years, has a potential to grow by 500% (according to the renowned economist, Paul Zane Pilzer).

The marketing concept includes very powerful ingredients such as the use of e-commerce, word-of-mouth advertising, “try before you buy” and a money-back guarantee.

– Are you interested?
– Are you the person we are looking for to expand our business?
– Are you entrepreneurial?
– Would you look beyond traditional business?
– And are you ready for a new challenge?

Then act now for an appointment: send a mail to joost@feeling-healthy.net or call mobile: +31 (0) 6 29469082 (CET time).



Written by joostboers

22/11/2010 at 10:44 pm

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